November 28, 2013

Rule #9: Long Songs are Good

People used to cringe when I played Diminuendo in Blue, Crescendo in Blue (14 minutes), but now, I either get a request to play it, or asked WHEN I will play it in a weekend.  I have found that longer songs can provide 3 phases of dancing for a couple. The first third of the song, the leader is throwing every move he has in an effort to impress and keep the dance “fresh”, but quickly finds that he has run out of moves and subsequently moves into Phase 2. The middle third of the song where he is frustrated by the fact that he has done everything he knows, but continues to trudge on; beginning to experiment with his “old” moves, thus pushing into Phase 3.  Then the last third comes, and the leader becomes freshly inspired by the music and his partner to “go for it!” Often this can be the best part of the dance because the leader isn’t thinking about the next move, but engaging and interacting with the music, letting the instruments and band inspire rather than frustrate. So instead of feeling frustrated by the length of the song, he is inspired by it. SONG = WIN!

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