July 21, 2013

My Play Counts

It’s a common practice for DJs to look at their play counts from time to time. While I don’t do this very often, it can be beneficial. It can give you insight to those songs you might be playing too often, and on the inverse, it can help you re/discover some songs that you play too infrequently.

For me, I just started keeping track of my play counts once I got my new laptop, which is about 3 years ago (2010). So my play counts aren’t in the hundreds like some DJs, but it’s good data nonetheless.

I was curious to find that over the course of 3 years, my most played songs didn’t top over 25! I suspected it would break 100 at least! It feels, from time to time, that I play some songs all too often.

Nevertheless, here is the list of my top 5 most played songs as of Sunday July 21, 2013

  1. Lafayette – Hot Lips Page (25)
  2. Gospel Medley – New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings (25)
  3. Black Coffee – Harlem Hotshots (24)
  4. Uptown Lowdown – The Dream Team (21)
  5. Minor Swing – Rol Junell (20)

A decent mix of sounds but a bit more limited tempo range than expected. I am also a bit surprised at 1) the lack of big band swing and 2) the lack of standards. Not sure what I am going to do with this data as these songs are always a hit when played. Meh, a fun exercise anyway.

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