December 21, 2012

Glenn Miller

glenn-miller-portadaGlenn Miller is completely underrated. Granted, the most well known Glenn Miller tracks are pretty lackluster when it comes to danceability and excitement:

  • Tuxedo Junction
  • Pensylvania 6-5000
  • American Patrol

However, there are tons of Glenn Miller tracks that are outstanding, including a version of In The Mood that is pretty badass. The secret to finding great Glenn Miller tracks is to look for his live recordings.

Glenn Miller from the move Orchestra Wives, performing Bugle Call Rag

There are several CDs out there that are from college tours or radio broadcasts that contain music that is played just for College Students. These songs RIP!

  • Down South Camp Meeting
  • Down for the count
  • St. Louis Blues
  • In The Mood
  • One O’Clock Jump
  • Stealin’ Apples

There is also a great CD (possibly out of print) called Spirit Is Willing, that has some kickass faster tunes

  • Sliphorn Jive
  • I Want To Be Happy
  • Everybody Loves My Baby

And even a few other songs make my list from various albums in the Glenn Miller library

  • Sun Valley Jump
  • Here We Go Again

Hopefully Glenn will start getting a better rep, because with a little bit of work, you can find tracks that rival the best of Artie, Basie, Goodman and even Ellington.

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