January 1, 2009

Event Host

The host of an event, whether it is a wedding, party or a dance competition, is often overlooked. There is more science behind being a successful host than one might think. Ensuring correct pronunciation, annunciation and articulation, are paramount attributes when looking for the right person to host your event. But it goes beyond that. A host is the direct connection between you and your event. The host is the first line of defense, the primary individual that your guests will encounter, and the one your guests will look to for information and instruction. Successful hosts have a commanding presence, are entertaining to your guests, and take on the responsibility of representing the event, ensuring, to the best of their ability, the success of the event.

Past hosting experiences include

Several Weddings and Private events

Dance Events:
Sacramento Jazz Jubilee
Inspiration Weekend
Swingin’ The Colony
Strutter’s Ball Dance Competition
24 Hour Cancer Dance-A-Thon
Sacramento Lindy Exchange
Numerous events at ATOMIC Ballroom