November 2, 2010

EBC 2010: This Music Sucks

No, not the music at EBC. “This Music Sucks” is the title of my Saturday lunchtime talk at EBC 2010. An hour of fantasy and intrigue talking about music.

  • What makes one song better than another
  • How to determine the amount of suck a song has
  • What to do when the song has too much suck
  • 10 Steps you can take to remove the suck from your local music scene
  • and more…

Hopefully I will see all of you at my talk on Saturday. Bring your lunch, a notepad and a strong desire to rid your dance scene of musical suckage.

P.S. ┬áMusic information from this year’s EBC competition will be posted on this site. Keep checking in, it wont be too long after EBC.

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