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That Song, This Person, Part 1

While a lot of dancers have specific songs that bring up fond memories of an event, a dance partner, or even a specific dance move, I have the pleasure of having songs that I play and bring up fond memories of my friends and dancers all around the world. Read More

Why I love being a DJ

There are so many possible answers to the question why I love being a DJ, I can only hope to address as many as possible.

Benny Goodman

Number one on the charts and number one in my heart, Benny Goodman … Read More

Rule #11: Always Have All Your Gear

Headphones, external sound card, laptop, RCA to 1/8th inch cable, power cord. It’s not a long list, so keep it in your bag, regardless of what your venue might have on a “consistent” basis.

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Rule #9: Long Songs are Good

People used to cringe when I played Diminuendo in Blue, Crescendo in Blue (14 minutes), but now, I either get a request to play it, or asked WHEN I will play it in a weekend.  I have found that longer … Read More

Rule #22: Watch Your EQs

While normalizing or EQing your music ahead of time can be a good idea, not all systems are the same. So make sure that you are continually thinking about how the sound is going, song for song, and make adjustments … Read More

Rule #13: Tempos are your friend

People think that balboa is only done to 260bpm+, WRONG! People think that you can only shag to OH! Lady Be Good, WRONG! People think you can only Lindy Hop to Lindy Hoppers Delight, WRONG!

Within the realm of swing … Read More

Some Favorite Albums

This isn’t an essentials list, or a must have list, per-se. This is a small collection of albums that have held up through time for any number of reasons. This can be simple historical significance, a personal emotional attraction or … Read More