September 5, 2013

The Joy of Count Basie

countBasieCount Basie is beloved by all, and for me he was my first love. Finding Jumpin’ At The Woodside (1938) early in my dance career, Basie was all I wanted to dance to. However, as I matured as a dancer and DJ, I found several amazing tracks that rival Jumpin’ At the Woodside. Without any empirical evidence, I would posit that Basie is the most played musician of all time within the swing community. And for good reason. Basie created the most influential, well-known, and famous rhythm section of all time.

  • Basie – Piano
  • Walter page – Bass
  • Jo Jones – Drums
  • Freddy Green – Guitar

There is not a rhythm section ever created that has rivaled what Basie and his boys did.

I have also found that my Basie tastes have changed dramatically over the years; starting with a preference for old testament and slowly moving in new testament Basie. And now, I think I am somewhere in between. But, in all reality, if i had to choose, I mean really had to choose….and don’t hate me for this or be surprised but it, new testament Basie, all the way!. I love the layer rhythm of his music during this period, no matter the tempo. BUT, I do find myself to be more particular song to song with new testament Basie than I do with old.

Here is a current list of favorites:

  • C Jam Blues
  • Splanky
  • Swingin At Newport
  • One OClock Jump
  • JATW (1938)
  • Shout and feel it
  • Swinging the Blues
  • Dogging Around

Best Basie Album of All Time

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