August 15, 2013

Songs for Beginning Balboa Dancers

look1938p2ballroomI am asked all the time for more great beginner balboa tracks. And as much as I don’t necessarily think balboa music can be defined narrower than “classic big band swing” I do find some tracks at lower tempos easier to get going with balboa. Something about the clear rhythms and ease of instrumentation that can make the exercise of dancing a bit less difficult. This doesn’t mean that these songs are boring or un-advanced, it’s just they are more straight ahead than others.

  1. Moten Swing – Andy Kirk
  2. Oh! Lady Be Good – Benny Goodman (small groups)
  3. St. Louis Blues – Artie Shaw
  4. Opus One – Mills Brothers
  5. Four or Five Times – Jimmie Noone
  6. Moonglow – Benny Goodman (Small Groups, again)
  7. Cross Your Heart – Artie Shaw
  8. Breakin’ Em Down – Chick Webb
  9. Community Swing – Glenn Miller
  10. Jumpin’ – Hot Lips Page
  11. Joshua Fit THe Battle of Jericho – Sidney Bechet
  12. At Sundown – New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings

**Since I am serving an international audience, I will let you choose your favorite website/app to buy these songs.

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