November 25, 2014

A Couple Great Lionel Hampton Tracks

Lionel Hampton was a big band leader, vibrophone, drummer and showman. Always putting together bands of exceptional talent, Hampton was also highly concerned about how his band looked on stage. He wanted to not only entertain with music, but also put on a “stage show”.

While we are all familiar with the classic tune Flyin’ Home, there are a lot of additional Hamp tracks that are just as killer diller.

  • Flyin’ Home (Filed under Illinois Jacquet, Live at Newport 196x) – my favorite version
  • Ring Dem Bells
  • Loose Wig (1945 Live at the Trianon)
  • Four or Five Times
  • Downhome Jump

And any of the Benny Goodman small groups featuring Hamp, such as:

  • Moonglow
  • Sweet Georgia Brown

(while not Lionel, an entertaining dance clip none the less, original choreography by Ryan Francois)

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