March 22, 2010

WordPress Admin Tools I Love

I love WordPress plugins. Not only for the website, but for the admin side of WordPress as well. There are several plugins out there that can improve the quality of the admin side, here are 6 of them that I use.

1. Fluency

I like the default admin screen, I think WordPress has done a great job in creating a friendly, pleasing UI.  However, change is always good, that’s where Fluency comes in. It streamlines the admin navigation, turning the dropdown navigation into a flyout menu system. It might seem small, but I like the reduced vertical height of the flyout menus. Fluency also modifies the main panel of the admin screen: to me, it feels more streamlined, as if the fluff was removed and made modern, and the font change, albeit scarey at first, is rather nice once you settle in.

2. Post Ideas +

Based off of a deprecated plugin, Post Idea, Post Idea + moves the old plugin into the modern era, just by making it compatible with the newest versions of WordPress. What it does is pretty simple, it keeps a list of all the post ideas you have, and puts that list on the dashboard — simple. Somehow, I find myself coming up with post ideas at the most inopportune time. Times when I do not have an hour or so to craft a well thought out post. With Post Ideas +, I can jot down the post topic and then when I have time, come back to it and create the full post.

3. Google Analyiticator

A lot of themes are including this plugin by default now since its so popular, but just in case you don’t have it, go get it immediately. The ability to examine the traffic to your website at such granular levels might sound overwhelming, but once you get a handle on the interface, it’s quite exciting to see who is coming to your site and where they are coming from. I have enjoyed the upgrades that the plugin has made, like, adding the ability to track outgoing links.  They have also added a dashboard feature so you no longer have to login to to retrieve some basic data. Excellent plugin.

4. Database Size Plugin

This might not apply for everyone, but I was previously on a host where there was a database size limit.  This simple plugin displays the total MB count of your database at the top of the admin page.

5. Custom Admin Branding

If you are building a WordPress blog/site for a customer, or yourself for that matter, and want to add a bit of personalization, this plugin is great. Custom Admin Branding allows you to simply change the login and header images on the admin side to anything you want.  Customer brands, developer brands, blank for that matter.  Simple and effective.


One of many many WordPress photo gallery plugins. At this point, I’m not sure that there is a superior plugin for photo galleries, but rather a plugin that does what YOU want.  And for me, this plugin does what I want. Multiple layout options and configurations, based on a simple UI.

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