Top 100 Artists of All Time 90 – 81

The Top 100 Artists of All Time, Artists 90 – 81.Read More

Top 100 Artists of All Time 100 – 91

The Top 100 Artists of All Time, Artists 100 – 91. For further information as to how the list was created, please click here.

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Top 100 Artists of All Time

Each year VH1, MTV, Radio Stations, Magazines and anyone with internet access produces some configuration of a Top 100 list. Ranging anywhere from Top 100 Worst Songs of All Time to Top 100 Celebrity Gaffs, even Top 100 Places to … Read More

Music Madness 2011

This was my first year at the Experiment, and I had a blast! I was invited out for one week, starting in the middle of the first week and ending the middle of the second week. David Rehm had asked … Read More

The History Of The Lindy Hop

Just when you thought you have heard the complete history of the lindy hop, you find out that there is some undiscovered stories. The Onion did some great research into the history of the lindy hop and found a few … Read More

EBC 2010 Competition Music

Another great year at EBC. Awesome competitions, great bands and always kick ass dancing. Following the great response to my ABW competition list, I am excited to post the complete competition list for EBC 2010. This time around, I decided to make it even easier for everyone to buy this great music by including Amazon links for every song (when available). Enjoy the list!Read More