Showcase of personal work


This was a wedding gift to my brother, and his wife. Honoring both the nuptials, and passion for Italy. The campanile was drawn straight from the grounds in which they were married. My inspiration came from the vintage travel posters that dot the inside of their home.Read More


Sample home page for Midtown Stomp, a swing dance venue in Sacramento, CA. My goal was to improve initial look of the site by adding more color and dramatic photos. The current site is successful at delivering content to the user, however, I was looking to advance the site by increasing the aesthetic appeal and readability.Read More

Saturday Night Hop

Unfortunately, this great swing dancing venue had to close its doors recently.  But, before it closed, I was asked to design a Brand, Website and postcard for the dance event. Below are the Logo, website sample, postcard and free pass.

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ATOMIC Ballroom

ATOMIC Ballroom has been my full time side project for the better part of a year now, and it is with great pride that I announce: the site is finally live! Read More