Music and Dance

Not everything has to be work related

That Song, This Person, Part 1

While a lot of dancers have specific songs that bring up fond memories of an event, a dance partner, or even a specific dance move, I have the pleasure of having songs that I play and bring up fond memories of my friends and dancers all around the world. Read More

Why I love being a DJ

There are so many possible answers to the question why I love being a DJ, I can only hope to address as many as possible.

Benny Goodman

Number one on the charts and number one in my heart, Benny Goodman … Read More

Some Favorite Albums

This isn’t an essentials list, or a must have list, per-se. This is a small collection of albums that have held up through time for any number of reasons. This can be simple historical significance, a personal emotional attraction or … Read More

Harry James

I have to admit, I wasn’t ever a big Harry James fan. Mostly, as it turns out, I hadn’t heard enough of his stuff. Thanks to Christian Bossert (Switzerland), I found myself searching high and low for more!

Harry … Read More

The Joy of Count Basie

Count Basie is beloved by all, and for me he was my first love. Finding Jumpin’ At The Woodside (1938) early in my dance career, Basie was all I wanted to dance to. However, as I matured as a dancer … Read More

Songs for Beginning Balboa Dancers

I am asked all the time for more great beginner balboa tracks. And as much as I don’t necessarily think balboa music can be defined narrower than “classic big band swing” I do find some tracks at lower tempos easier … Read More

10 Great Artie Shaw Tracks

Artie Shaw is one of the most well known band leaders in the dance community. When polling random dancers and asking them to name ONE big band leader, more often than not they say Artie M’fing Shaw. Jump along and find 10 of my favorite Shaw tracks right now.Read More