DJ 101

My Play Counts

It’s a common practice for DJs to look at their play counts from time to time. While I don’t do this very often, it can be beneficial. It can give you insight to those songs you might be playing too … Read More

Top 100 Artists of All Time 30 – 21

The Top 100 Artists of All Time, Artists 30-21. For further information as to how the list was created, please click here.

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Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller is completely underrated. Granted, the most well known Glenn Miller tracks are pretty lackluster when it comes to danceability and excitement:

  • Tuxedo Junction
  • Pensylvania 6-5000
  • American Patrol

However, there are tons of Glenn Miller tracks that … Read More

DJ Software

The following list of DJ software options is by no means an attempt to determine which one is best for you, as that answer lies within your inner DJ. However, I hope to at least point you in the right direction.Read More

The Band Break DJ

A successful DJ considers more than the order of the songs they play. There are several instances at any given event or dance where the DJ has to alter their song selection to best enliven the crowd.